Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day At The Lake

Thanks to our good friends, the Bauers, we spent a wonderfully fun Saturday on the lake. Here are some pictures of us enjoying the water.

Boat Trip July 2008

Mark was an amazing waterskier. I could not believe that he was actually skiing. And everyone loved the big tube. Gwen was so relaxed she feel asleep on the tube and then later in the boat.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Catch Up Part 2!!
June 2008

June was full of fun in the sun. Mark and Gwen loved swimming lessons. Gwen was not so sure at first. Everyone got a kick out of her when she walked to the pool all the while crying, "I'll be fine! I'll be fine!" She soon began begging to swim morning, noon and night. And Mark did awesome. He is becomming quite the swimmer. He enjoyed trying out the snorkle for the first time. We ended up buying one for him to use in our little pool at home.

We went to the zoo with lots of our friends. We love the zoo. We watched the bears go in and out of their cave. We showed the penguins our Happy Feet. All but Gwen got to ride on the new Endangered Animal Carousel. Gwen wanted nothing to do with it.

In June, Mark and Kevin enjoyed the Father and Sons campout. Mark brought his remote FJ Cruiser. They ate Hot Dogs and S'mores. But I believe the highlight was watching Davis' Dad gut fish he had caught.

We also spent some time at Summerfest. It was at Summerfest that Gwen finally realized her love for the Carousel (and all the fair rides).

Wow, I keep thinking of everything we did in June. Kevin and I ran our first 5k. I was glad he would run with me because I was nervous about my first race. We also spent some family nights at Thanksgiving Point. The pictures included are of the Harry Potter themed night.

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June 2008

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Catch up!!!

The last time I posted it was April. A lot has happened since then, and I have been too crazy and busy to keep up. So here come lots of pictures.

Our May 2008 adventures!

Mark graduates from Miss Roxi's Preschool and celebrates his 5th Birthday. I can't believe he will be going to kindergarten in the Fall. Mark had a rocket birthday party complete with a rocket cake and real sparklers. All Mark's friends made rockets and we launched them with the rocket launcher Kevin made. We all had a BLAST! However, after all 15 five-year-olds went home, we decided that next year we would have a smaller family party. At the end of May we spent a long weekend in Vernal, Utah. We enjoyed hiking to dinosaur tracks and dinosaur bones, learning at the dinosaur museum and swimming in the hotel pool.

May 2008

I will post some pictures of our June and July adventures soon!